Boom Legend


Boom Legend is also a popular fish shooting game, the theme of this game is in the Middle Ages where have fantasy creatures, so its change the shooting target from fish to monster, this distinguishes Boom Legend from other similar types of games and will not let players feel bored.


Boom Legend has a variety of monsters to shoot, among which the cerberus monster has a bonus of up to 88,888.


Special Weapons

Rocket Punch : When used, the fist will fly upwards from your position, penetrating and pushing back all monsters in its path.

Mystery Chest : Open a Mystery Box to receive either: Rocket Punch or Mines

Mines : The mine may be placed anywhere on the map, and will damage monsters in a large area when it explodes.

Axe : Using the Axe deducts 5x bet value to launch a more powerful attack on the targeted monster.

Hammer : Using the Hammer deducts 15x of your bet value to launch a hammer at the targeted monster. The Hammer will randomly strike other monsters on the battlefield near the targeted monster with lightning.


After you kill them, monsters may reanimate into Dreadfreaks. Kill the Dreadfreaks for a chance to win even greater rewards (max 2x odds).


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