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Jackpot Fishing has a huge number of reward fish species and colorful bosses waiting for you to challenge. Special torpedo weapons can instantly knock down your opponents! There are more special bonus double species waiting for you to defeat!


In addition to the fish with small bonuses, Jackpot Fishing also has various bonus types such as sharks, squids, and turtles.



Click on the Torpedo to switch to the Torpedo Artillery, and the torpedoes will be able to inflict greater damage to the large fish, 6 times the current bet is deduced for each torpedo.

Treasure Bowl

When the Treasure Bowl appears on the scense you have a chance to consecutively win the Small Prize (3x), or the Critical Hit Jackpot by shooting.

Jackpot System

Chance to win Jackpot:

1. Jackpot Dragon

2. Jackpot Fish

3. Treasure Bowl

4. Immortal Ocean King (King Squid, Golden Shark)

5. Special fish species

(Armored Fish, Anglerfish, Fortune Terrapin)

Jackpot Fish and Jackpot Dragon have higher chance of winning Jackpots

Rules for getting Jackpots :

1. JILI Jackpot: Place a bet of more than 5. more than 10 for multiplied Jackpots, more than 80 for re-multiplied Jackpots.

2. Lucky Jackpot: Place a bet of more than 0.8 and have a chance to win, more than 2 for multiplied Jackpots.

3. Speed Jackpot: Place a bet of more than 0.2 and have a chance to win, more than 0.6 for multiplied Jackpots.

The higher the bet, higher the Jackpot.

(In case of any malfunction that causes abnormal display of

game data, the official backend data will be applicable.)


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