Dragon Tiger


Open your door to the world of casino gaming with Dragon Tiger slot, which is full of oriental features including dragons and tigers. This mystical and spiritual game is all about changing your destiny.


The reels are decorated with symbols of oriental culture, very neatly done. The design is created in wash painting graphics, also very nice looking.



1. The upper placement is Dragon, and the lower placement is Tiger. The center is Tie.

2. Players can bet on Dragon Win, Tiger Wm or Tie.

3. The system will deal one card to each Dragon and Tiger.

4. The card with higher number wins the round. Ile is when both cards have the same number.

5. Ranking of cards shall be: K>0>J>10>9>8>7>6>5>4>3>2>A

How to play

• Choose bet level

• Click the “Bet button- to place your bet, click multiple times to increase the bet

• Click the ” V button” to start a game

• Click the ” X button” to clean all the bets you placed

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