Roma – Deluxe


Immerse yourself into the atmosphere of one of the greatest empires ever known! Roma Deluxe brings all the glamour, big wins and lucrative bonuses that made the great Rome so influential. Come and get richer than ever before by climbing up the power ladder of Rome.


The Roma Deluxe Slot Machine is a slots with a stunning 3D background and a full animation overview. The backdrop of the game is set against famous landmarks such as the Coliseum and Pantheon.


You’ll find all kinds of different symbols, from signs of wealth such as silver cup and jewels to more powerful icons like the weapon and lion.


Free games

Get a free game by clearing 4 or more in the same round of the main.

game get 5/8/20 free games by clearing 4/5/6/7 consecutively in the same round in a free game, you can get 5/f3/12/20 free games too. by clearing 4/5/6/7 consecutively in the same round.  

Paylines – 15 lines

In each round of bonus game, 1 stamina is deducted when fighter take damage the bonus game will end – when stamina = 0, during each fight, choose from 3 options to randomly get dual swords, single sword or lion.

Dual swords = bet x 3-30

Single sword = bet x2-25

Lion = bet x 20

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