Boom Legend

Overview: Boom Legend is also a popular fish shooting game, the theme of this game is in the Middle Ages where have fantasy creatures, so its change the shooting target from fish to monster, this distinguishes Boom Legend from other similar types of games and will not let players feel bored. PayTable: Boom Legend has […]

Bombing Fishing

Overview: Bombing Fishing is an interesting fish shooting game. The difference from other games is that it has a unique weapon system that allows players to defeat more fish species and get more bonuses. Release the torpedoes for powerful attacks and kill the targets with no sweat! PayTable: In addition to the basic small fishes, […]

Dinosaur Tycoon

Overview: Dinosaur Tycoon stands out among all the fish shooting games. With a unique dinosaur theme and a rich design of bonus, Dinosaur Tycoon immediately became one of the first choices of many casino players. Follow us to explore the Jurassic world! PayTable: Dinosaur Tycoon has a rich variety of dinosaurs, such as triceratops, stegosaurus, […]

Happy Fishing

Overview: Happy Fishing is just like its name. Players will sure to be happy here. The game has rich bonuses, especially the gem turtle. If you lucky enough to take it down, you have a chance to get 8 times odds prize. Now hurry up and grab your weapon. Shoot and win the jackpot! PayTable: […]

Mega Fishing

Overview: Mega octopus bringing the golden lucky wheel that can win huge prizes! This game allows players to explore the most exquisite underwater world, up to 27 kinds of undersea creatures, that gave players a variety of shooting options, and when you knock down the final boss-mega octopus, the wheel of fortune will appear, bring […]

Monkey King Fishing

Overview: Follow Monkey King to defeat enemies and get luxurious prizes! This fish shooting game is very interesting. In addition to the common fish, it also adds the two roles of Monkey King and Sea Dragon King. Players can also accumulate the number of shots. The more you hit, the higher the reward! PayTable: Features: […]


Overview: Samurai is a slot game is based on futuristic city with lots of lights, neon colors and laser beams. The theme is showcased through the sound effects and visuals, while the gameplay offers players a thrilling experience. The game is played on 5 reels and 4 rows that provide 1024 way to win. This […]

Lucky Ball

Overview: Lucky Ball Slot has a classical slot layout. There are 5 reels and 25 paylines. The game has a disco ball that falls into the regular game reels, while landing on specific positions multiplies payouts. The regular game reels are blue, while the other parts are red. A number of features await gamblers in […]

Dragon Fortune

Sky dragon guards the treasure waiting for you to conquer! Dragons Fortune bring multiplier prizes that will make you rich, collect the jewels for the Grand Prize! This game uses a shooting game interface with a simple and clear design, which can be easily used by both novices and veterans. You will face different flying […]